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EZ Radon Labeling System

EZ Radon Labeling System™

NEW Label Pack for VM2
You asked, and we delivered!

Package includes:
  • 2 Radon Reduction System Labels
  • 1 Radon Flow Label
  • 1 Radon Caution Label
  • 3 Radon Reduction System Labels
  • 1 Radon Fan Circuit Label
  • 4 Radon Fan Circuit Box Labels
Complete set of radon system labeling in one easy, folded, perforated strip. Use one hand to hold the label strip, while easily applying your system labels with the other hand.

Fast, easy, efficient! Clearly identify all radon system components for client, as well as inspectors and mitigator.

Product# Price      Qty
RSLP-10 EZ Radon Labeling System - 10/Pack   $24.00
RSLP EZ Radon Labeling System - Single   $3.00