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Customers Are Saying
“Radon Supplies has been helping to keep our radon mitigation business running smoothly for many years, with their super-fast shipping, great prices and products, and most importantly for us an outstanding customer service experience from start to finish! Thank you, Radon Supplies!”
-Airotox Radon Remediation
“Radon Supplies is our #1 source for our fans and supplies. They are very professional and always take care of our radon supply needs.”
Peter Kooy - Partner, Michigan Better Environment
“Radon Supplies is the best. Their customer service is very knowledgeable of their product. Their response time in shipping orders could not be any faster and they are always ready to help or find the answers to questions and solutions to problems. Their personnel are professional and responsive. I find their pricing to be quite competitive and quality of product to be of superior grade.”
Michael, A Breath of Fresh Aire, Virginia - Measurement and Mitigation