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Home > Sump Pumps and Accessories > Triple Sump Kit

Triple Sump Kit

Triple Sump Kit

  • Great for us in vapor intrusion systems or removal of VOC’s
  • Outperforms standard sump systems
  • Battery backup pump works when power is out
    Kit Includes:
  • Two 450 Poly/Alum Submersible Pumps
  • One 441 12V Battery Emergency Pump
  • One 5050V Duplex Control
  • Two QCV150 1 ½” Check Valves
  • One 24” x 30” basin lid with no holes
  • One Radon Supplies’ RSM OR
    One Radon Supplies RSD Drain
Detailed description of the Triple Sump Kit Components:
The Liberty 450 Sump Pump
provides vortex-style impeller that allows for passage of solids without clogging. The 450 Liberty is polypropylene and powder coated, aluminum construction, with a stainless steel rotor shaft. All fasteners are non-corrosive, and made of stainless steel. Its motor is oil-filled, hermetically sealed, and has thermal overload protection. The upper and lower bearings are permanently lubricated. Comes with a 1-‘ standard power cord, which allows for the replacement of cord in seconds without breaking seals to the motor. 3 year limited warranty.

The Liberty 441 Emergency Sump Pump System has a high output, 12V submersible pump, with an automatic, mercury-free switch. Included in a Control Panel, Battery Box (battery not included), a 12V charger, Tee, check valve, and bushings to accommodate 1 ½” and 1 ¼” connections. Some special features include: An audible in-use alarm and light, self-resetting 24-hour silence, an advanced 1000mA switch mode charger, and is energy efficient. 3 year warranty.

The Liberty 5050-Series Alternating Control and Alarm for duplex sump pump applications provides altering operation of two 120V pumps. It is plug-in ready, so no hard wiring required. NEMA 1 indoor rated enclosure, factory wired floats (available in wide angle or vertical style), audible and visual alarm, normal/silence switch externally mounted for easy operation, and angled receptacles made to accept standard or right-angled plugs. 3 year warranty.

Liberty Check Valves (QCV150) are quiet, spring-loaded, and made of heavy-duty PVC. 125 PSI rated, these check valves permit vertical or horizontal installations.

Choose one: Radon Supplies’ RSD Drain handles 3.75 gpm, and may be installed in a floor or a sump cover. It will install easily into openings ranging from 3 ½” to 5 ½”.


Radon Supplies’ RSM Drain handles 3.50 gpm, and is easily screwed into our sump cover 2” threaded openings, providing a flush-mount drain in the sump lid.

Product# Price      Qty
LTSRSD Triple Sump Kit with RSD Drain   $1,600.00
LTSRSM Triple Sump Kit with RSM Drain   $1,600.00